Magic  Text effect

Open the image and select the 'Subject'  option from  the 'Select' menu.

Press the 'Ctrl.  & J' buttons on the keyboard.  A duplicate layer of the transparent background  will be created.

Select the 'Text' tool and type letters in black color.

Press 'Ctrl & T' buttons. The letters will be selected. Right click on the letters layer. Select 'Raster Type' option  from the list.

Then right click on the letters.  Select 'Wrap' option from the list.

Shape the letters by dragging the points.

Drag the  letter layer down. The background layer and the layer above it should be deleted.

Right click on  the top layer  & select 'clipping  mask' option.

The letters will be formed as shown in the figure.

Create a duplicate  layer of the top layer by pressing the 'Ctrl & J' buttons.

Press the 'Alt' button on the keyboard and click on the 'Layer Mask' icon in the Layers palette.

Double click on the mask of the top layer. Lower the 'Density' option in the dialog box.

Select the brush tool & move the mouse over the light banana shape. Then set the layer mask density to 100% again.

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