Knockout Text Effect


Open the  Image.

Select the 'Subject' option from the 'Select' menu.

'Ctrl. & J' button should be pressed.  Duplicate layer of the transpert backgroud will be created.

Select the text tool and type the letters. Press 'Ctrl & T' to set the letters.

Create a duplicate layer of the letter. 

The first layer of the letter should be placed below the transparent background layer.

Select the duplicate text layer. Then press the 'Alt' key & click on the layer mask in the layer palate.

Select the brush tool from the tool box. Foregroud colour should be white. Move the brush over letter on the image.

Select the layer of both letters & right click on it. Select the 'Link Layer' option from the list.

Knockout effect will be created on the image.

Sampurna Photoshop (संपूर्ण फोटोशॉप)