How to make a circular pixel stretch effect

Open the image.

Select the 'Subject' option from the 'Select' menu.

Image will be selected.  Press 'Ctrl. & C' to make copy image.

Create a new page.  Paste the selected image.

Right click on image layer & select the 'Convert to smart object' option.

Select the 'Single column Marquee tool' from the tool box

Click on the image. The line of selection will appear on the image.

Create a new layer.  Press 'Ctrl. & T' button to transform the selection.

Click and drag  the center points on both sides  in opposite directions.

Delete the black color stripes with the help of selection tool.

Select the 'Polar Coordinates' option in the 'Distort' section of the 'Filter' menu.

Click on the 'Ok' button in the dialog box.

Click on the image layer in the layer palette and place it on top of the circle layer.

Click on the 'layer mask' in the layer palette .

Select the brush tool from the tool box. Foreground  colour should be black. Move the brush over the left side image.

Give a gradient effect on the background layer.  Circular pixel stretch effect  will be created on the image.

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