How to Create 3D Cube design  in Photoshop

Create a  new page.

Press  Ctrl.&J to create new layer.

Select the 3D Option from the Window menu.

The  3D palette  will open.

Select the Cube option in the Mesh From Preset section of the 3d palette.

A square will be created in the page and options will open in the 3d palette.

Click outside the square and move the mouse until the cube is formed.

Select the Properties option from the Window menu.

The Properties palette will open.  

Click on the Front Material option in the 3d palette. Its options will open in the Properties palette.

Select the Replace Texture option by clicking on the button in the Basic color section of the Properties palette.

The Open dialog box will open. Select the photo you want. The photo will appear in the front part of the cube.

Place the photo in the cube by selecting the Left and Top Material options in the 3D palette, just like placing the front photo of the cube.

A 3D effect will appear  on the cube.

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