Add a Glowing Effect 

in Photoshop

Open the image

Select the Pen tool in the tool box. In the status bar select  'Shape' option.  Fill - No Colour, Strok - White colour, Width : 12

Create a triangle  with the help of  pen tool.

Right click on  shape layer. Select  the 'Blending Option' from the list.

In the dialog box, select the 'Outer glow' option. Make the following settings in it.

Such an effect  will be created  on the image.

The background layer should be selected. Click on the 'Adjustment layer' in the layer palette. Select the 'Hue/Saturation' option from the list.

Make the settings  as shown in the  dialog box.

Such an effect will be created on the image.

Open the blending dialog box by right clicking  on the hue/saturation layer. It should be set  as follows.

Select the 'Shape' layer.  Then click on 'layer mask' icon  in the layer pallet to creat layer mask.

Select the brush tool from the toolbox. Move the brush over the triangle on the face.  The glowing effect will appear.

Sampurna Photoshop (संपूर्ण फोटोशॉप)